EP 7 – Creative Minds Behind Luxury Los Angeles Architecture

This is Doctoring Up Design, a lively, interactive lecture series presented by Design Hardware and held in their recently remodeled showroom on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Doctoring Up Design was created to address your pain points in the ever-changing world of design and architecture, and over the past two years, there have been more than a few pain points to address. 

This episode features architect Mark Savary, associate with Landry Design Group. Mark is an extraordinary architect working within one of the world’s most extraordinary design firms. Landry Design Group was founded in 1987 by Richard Landry, and the firm has been recognized for their work ever since by Architectural Digest and the Robb Report. The firm’s superpower lies in the creative genius within the team of incredible architects. Mark Savary is one such associate. In the following 45 minutes, you are going to see why.

Savary joined Landry Design Group in 2006. He is a graduate of the “U” and carries a strong background in classical architecture. Within the firm, he heads the Image Committee and works on the management team that oversees the Mentor Program, which you will also hear about. This is about teamwork and individual competition within a team concept. The firm produces some of the world’s most luxurious designs that are as functional as they are luxe. Enjoy my conversation with architect Mark Savary, but first…this.

DESIGN HARDWARE’s newly remodeled showroom is where you will find a gallery-style space with a brilliant display of products purposefully positioned to allow unbridled exploration and discovery. High-end faucets, luxury tile, natural stone, wood floors, and bespoke hardware selections are presented holistically and strategically arranged to stimulate creativity and transition your vision from the conceptual stage to a fully realized space. 

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Thank you, Mark, for coming out to Design Hardware and participating in this conversation. Thank you for listening to Doctoring Up Design, and make sure you are subscribing to the show. You can find all of the links to subscribe as well as contact the participants in the show notes. This is Doctoring Up Design, a podcast created to help the design and architecture industry navigate the constantly changing business climate. For more information on this and future episodes, check the show notes and visit design hardware dot com.

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