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Design Hardware presents Moya Living powder-coated steel custom cabinetry manufactured in Southern California. You can get almost any color, and their cabinets feature soft-close hinges, sound deadening, specialty drawers, and more. Steel cabinets last longer than others, are easier to clean and maintain, and can be used on panel-ready appliances for seamless integration. After decades spent in the laboratory design and manufacturing industry via parent company Genie Scientific, founder, and owner Moya O’Neill saw a void in the commercial and residential community of steel cabinetry. They are securing orders with the likes of Oakley and the iconic Dakota Building. Moya Living is building furniture that will last through your grandchildren’s generation in terms of durability and aesthetically musing on the past while paying homage to the contemporary flair of the present and future. Our timeless designs, with all the best quality materials, are built to last a lifetime. 

From commercial spaces and hospitality to apartment buildings and hotels, we specify every detail so that even the most minuscule things, like decorative pulls, can become the jewelry of cabinetry.

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