EP 6 – De-Stressing Through Purposeful Action and Strategic Design

This is Doctoring Up Design, a lively, interactive lecture series presented by Design Hardware and held in their recently remodeled showroom on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. Doctoring Up Design was created to address your pain points in the ever-changing world of design and architecture, and over the past two years, there have been more than a few pain points to address.  

In this episode, we discuss anxiety and how to manage it. This is about ways to unstress ourselves; the timing could not be better. This chat, moderated by interior designer and star of NETFLIX hit House Doctor Tracy Metro will uncover ideas behind taking what stresses us out, breaking it down, and finding ways to relieve the pressure. Featured on the show today, designer Kim Colwell uses interior psychology and feng shui to calm spaces and find balance. Cesar Giraldo, discusses his strategies for remaining calm through the stresses of life for the betterment of himself and his clients. Dr. Maya Hernandez, the founder of House of Wellness, is an organizational psychologist who helps her clients design their homes for wellness from the inside out. 

DESIGN HARDWARE’s recently remodeled and always evolving showroom is where you will find a gallery-style space with a thoughtful display of products purposefully positioned to allow unbridled exploration and discovery. High-end faucets, luxury tile, natural stone, wood floors, and bespoke hardware selections are presented holistically, and strategically arranged to stimulate creativity and transition your vision from the conceptual stage to a fully realized space. 

Conveniently located, free parking available. Stop by to find inspiration,  collect samples,  get expert advice and tackle everything on your shopping list in one place! Visit them online at Design Hardware dot com or in the real world, 6053 W. Third Street in Los Angeles.

This has been another episode of Doctoring Up Design, a podcast presented by Design Hardware. Thank you, Tracy, Kim, Dr. Hernandez, Cesar, and Erika. Thank you for listening and subscribing to Doctoring Up Design. Please make sure you are subscribing to the show so you don’t miss a single episode. You can find all of the links to subscribe as well as contact the participants in the show notes. This is Doctoring Up Design, a podcast created to help the design and architecture industry navigate the constantly changing business climate.