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Organic Warmth. Understated Opulence. The Essence of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

Rocky Mountain Hardware products exude warmth and richness only in the finest organic materials. The superior quality bronze used in crafting their hardware and accessories emanates a welcoming aura, palpable in every piece they produce.

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Sculpted By Master American Craftsmen

The Artistry Behind the Craft

Rocky Mountain Hardware’s offerings are not meant for mass production. Their artisans are true masters of their craft. Every mold is meticulously hand-sculpted. Each product is hand-poured and individually cast. The final touch is a hand-applied finish that adds warmth and vitality to their handcrafted hardware. Creating timeless pieces requires time and master craftsmanship. This dedication to beauty and functionality sets the standard for every premium bronze piece of Rocky Mountain Hardware.

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Cohesive and Timeless

  1. Harmony in Design

    Their vast collection of hardware and accessories ensures seamless continuity throughout any project. With the added benefit of their design tool, you can customize door hardware from their existing collections to perfectly match your aesthetic.

Endless Design Possibilities

Collections that Speak to Every Style

Rocky Mountain Hardware boasts numerous design collections. Coupled with a range of signature finish options, the design possibilities truly are endless. Some of their notable collections include the ELEMENT, EDGE, METRO, MACK, TROUSDALE, FLUTE, ELLIS, DESIGNER TEXTURES, DESIGNER LEATHER, and CURVED collections.

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