EP 3 – Holistic + Wholistic Design


I’m Josh Cooperman, Associate Publisher of Modern Luxury Interiors California Magazine and host of the Convo By Design Podcast. I hosted the SoCal Design Council at Design Hardware for a conversation with a group of industry professionals to discuss the idea of holistic design, that being an approach to the work that is the wholeness of the project and a complete look at all elements both individually and as a whole as opposed to it being just a collection of elements that result in a completed project. And in this episode of Doctoring Up Design, you will hear about the findings from the gathering and unique insights from the participants.

We met at Design Hardware on March 12th, 2020, the day that saw the coronavirus classified as a global pandemic. A day that would see most of the US population spending far more time at home to disengage and allow this virus to subside socially. The conversation took a different tone regarding wholistic design, adding a “W” to the word and changing the meaning entirely. This is more about the mind, body, and spirit of those inhabiting the space and creating a healthy environment…And a stunning structure simultaneously. Let’s start with our participants:

Joe Spierer | Joseph Spierer Architects

Firoozeh Khorrami | FK Interiors

Jeffery M. Smith | JMS Design Associates

Kym Rodger | Kym Rodger Design

Laura Muller | Four Point Design Build

Scott Utterstrom | XTEN Architecture

Michele Solomons | Design Hardware

That completes this episode of Doctoring Up Design, recorded at Design Hardware on a rainy afternoon in March when the world appeared to be caving in on itself. I have said this many times; I believe it to be true… Architects and designers are futurists and provide unique living spaces to suit the individual needs of their clients, even as those needs are rapidly changing.

Thank you to all our participants, Kym Rodger, Laura Muller, Firoozeh Khorrami, Scott Utterstrom, Jeffery M. Smith, Joe Spierer, and Michele Solomons. I’m Josh Cooperman, associate publisher, online editor for Modern Luxury Interiors California, and Host of Convo By Design; thank you for listening.