EP 4 – Where’s My Chair


Doctoring Up Design is a lively, interactive lecture series presented by Design Hardware and held in their recently remodeled showroom on 3rd Street in Los Angeles. This episode was recorded live from Design Hardware on June 24th, 2021, and it felt so good to be back in person after so long. This conversation features designers Kristi Nelson, Kim Gordon, and Krista Everage. This chat has been entitled, “Where’s My Chair?” a cheeky way of addressing the current inventory supply chain disrupted post-pandemic due to several issues, not the least of which is the booming design business. More product is being ordered from suppliers who don’t have the inventory in stock and shippers who can’t handle the volume. That being said, there are additional issues at play, and you will hear all about them, along with many clever solutions and workarounds from our exceptionally expert panel.

Kristi tells a story about a dispensary project that was highly designed with products being produced outside LA. Money was paid out, and the business was waiting to open. The development was delayed. But, because the product was manufactured in the US, it was still being produced. There were delays but not nearly as if it were being made overseas. Kristi also looks to specify the product that is physically closer to the project.

Kim and Krista discuss the benefits and pitfalls of the online search and specification process. There are challenges when it comes to size, scale, and color. Computer and monitor settings affect actual color and light reflection, while size and scale cannot entirely be determined on a screen alone. There is a greater need for quality service, proper sales support, and showroom servicing. With that comes a more significant opportunity to respecify products and select accordingly for even the most demanding client.

Krista talks about “forever changes” in business today. All three designers agree that there is a greater need to shift focus to locally specified, locally made from local materials and away from products made in China or any other country that isn’t practicing the highest standards in social justice, sustainably produced, and human rights. It appears there is a strong push for higher quality with a conscience.

These are just a few issues covered in this episode of Doctoring Up Design, recorded at Design Hardware. I have said this many times; I believe it to be true… Architects and designers are futurists and provide unique living spaces to suit the individual needs of their clients, even as those needs are rapidly changing. Thank you to all our participants, Kristi Nelson, Krista Everage, and Kim Gordon. Thank you, Michele Solomons, for being your expert for all things kitchen, bath, surfaces, hardware, and flooring at Design Hardware. Thank you for listening.

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