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Elevate Your Outdoor Experience: Deckbae's Modern Pergola Kits

Introducing Deckbae’s Pergola Kits, a harmonious blend of artisan craftsmanship and modern innovation. Unlike traditional pergolas, Deckbae offers a unique touch of luxury, ensuring every moment under it is nothing short of extraordinary.

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The Deckbae Distinction:

Deckbae’s pergolas are not just about shade but about creating an experience. Crafted with the highest-grade materials, these pergolas promise durability and a statement of style.

    • Unparalleled Craftsmanship: Each pergola is a testament to modern design, promising aesthetics and functionality.
    • Ease of Installation: Say goodbye to complex setups. Deckbae ensures a hassle-free installation process, with no foundation required.
    • Built to Last: With a wind rating of up to 120mph and a 20+ year decay guarantee, these pergolas are designed to stand the test of time.

Saint-Tropez Pergola Kit: A Touch of the French Riviera

Inspired by the serene beauty of the French Riviera, the Saint-Tropez Pergola Kit is more than just a shade structure; it’s a piece of art.

    • Design Excellence: With a 60/40 cantilever suspension roof and a defining rear wall, it’s perfect for those leisurely afternoons.
    • Customization at its Best: Choose from a range of sizes and colors, ensuring your pergola complements your space perfectly.
    • Durability Meets Style: Wind-rated for up to 120mph, it promises safety without compromising elegance.

Experience Deckbae in Los Angeles

Nestled in the city’s heart, our showroom lets you experience Deckbae’s offerings firsthand. From understanding the nuances of each design to customizing it to your liking, our experts are here to guide you every step of the way.

Visit Us: Just a short walk from The Grove, on 3rd Street. Ample parking is available at the rear.


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