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Different water filters have different functions. Some improve the taste of your water, while others filter out harmful chemicals or germs. The water that comes to your tap contains small quantities of substances. Some of these are beneficial, and an appropriate amount of disinfectant, like chlorine, helps keep your water safe from germs. There are many different types of filters available. The innovative HydroTap by Zip Water takes hydration to a higher power by instantly dispensing filtered, boiling, chilled, and sparkling water from a single tap. InSinkErator instant hot water dispenser to upgrade your ability to get things done. Whether cooking, cleaning without harsh chemicals, entertaining, or simply relaxing with a hot beverage, InSinkErator instant hot water helps you save time. Body Glove Water Filter Systems, by Water, Inc., is the world’s first environmentally-friendly activated carbon home water filtration system to earn the WQA’s new sustainability certifications. These state-of-the-art under-sink and portable water filters will help eliminate the use of plastic water bottles that clog waterways and kill marine life.

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